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Found 1 result

  1. Hey! After a long hiatus from EnB I'd like to give it a try with my GF after we are done playing through Avorion. I'm looking for a suggestion what classes to pick, so we can team up most of the time with good synergy (i.e. our class-specific missions will lead us to similar (near-ish areas) so we'll have similar progression, while at the same time being able to make use of more of the loot we find. (i.e the PWs gets first pick on the projectiles and the JD the energy beams) Since in our Borderlands 2 playthrough she's been playing Maya & me Axton I've probably had to res her 50x more than the other way around, I was thinking she could do some good berserking in a PW (or fuck it, just give her a JS and she can do the self-jumpstarting - if that's actually a thing, it's been so long!). I personally enjoyed playing a TE and JE back in 2002, but the TT (tho expensive), PP & TS were fun too when I tried Net7 some time ago (however I think I got a little stuck with the PPs progression at some point either it was a bug, or was pushed to do some player interaction to trade for a engine - can't remember :-) ). If I remember correctly, for the first 20 or so levels it's sorta hard to get to each other when you are from a different race (and in the first few levels/starting system even different class), right? I might still have some lvl 20-40 toons unless they got wiped for no logging in for 2+ years, so in that case I could resurrect one of those toons for the first hour or-so of easing into the game. I've never maxed any toon in EnB. Is there anything I should be aware of so we'll have a fun playthrough of the two questlines? We are just looking to casually play a dozen of hours or per week and go kill/farm some critters and not looking for a guild or to hardcore go raiding. Thanks for your advice!
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