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Found 1 result

  1. It was suggested that I post this idea even if it goes nowhere. Here goes. Do you remember how being attacked with satellite and trash in your hold can cause you to lose the job? I propose this: some refined, second (and third tier) materials become unstable, volatile or corruptible if the vessel transporting it takes a hit to its hull and a "damage a system" result is rolled. Add a check for presence of refined catalysts, alloys, etc. If they're in the cargo hold, let the incoming damage, especially plasma, chemical, explosive and in rare cases EMP destroy or slag a refined stack ( of whatever size). The slagged substance could turn into Debris I or slag of some type. The end result I leave to imaginative Devs. Those refined ores are in their pristine and factory ready states. A hull penetration could taint or otherwise make impure the stack. This could cause anywhere from devaluating the stack, causing it to become radioactive, corrosive, explode, or downright derelicting the vessel. Perhaps the damage could be staggered up the tech level I through IX. A level IX refined Kronosium could derelict a vessel if it was set off by a direct hit. The reason for this post is that refined ores are not in use much in the game. Also there is no value to them other than what they can be used in manufacturing. An element of danger in their transport makes them valuable in terms of hazard pay. Mining in Real Life is dangerous. Refining in Real Life is also dangerous depending on what the mined substance is. My suggestion is to make having these refined tiers of ores dangerous to transport. We already see the effect that Wormhole skill has on trade goods. Perhaps some trade goods could be just as delicate if the transporting vessel takes hull damage and a "damage a system" is rolled. "Your Nanobots have become bathed in plasma from that last hit suffering 5% loss of value." "The chemical damage you suffered has corroded the Construction Equipment and is now worth 5% less." "Explosions have ripped through the refined catalysts onboard causing an eruption cascade. Brace for further hull damage." The idea is sound and made more realistic in that some game items are dangerous to move around. "That last energy blast killed your passenger(s) when it penetrated the hull. Mission forfeited." This in turn could be an addition to better dynamics in trade runs, mining and transport of refined ores to a fellow pilot at a nearby station. It may add some value in the game's economy. Lastly, put in a chance of failure for refining. Say 1% (level I ores) to 9% (level IX ores) chance of failing at the refining terminal. This makes the resource more valuable, a chance of lost time and effort. It could also make mining more valuable in terms of Explore or Trade Experience. Sound off if you have more ideas along this line of thinking. Live from the Economy Department at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
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