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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, i typo'd in one of my game account creations, Game account us Zlverje should be Zilverje (somehow missed the i) is it possible to change that account name? or would it be easier for me to transfer the avatars off of that account then have it deleted, then create a new one? Question 2, would it be possible to rename one of my characters? would love to rename Zilverblue to Zilvertank
  2. I have a new email address and cant remember the old one and I am trying to recover an old account. Can any admin help?
  3. After a full setup and an update with Launchnet (all files are up-to-date) i try to start the game. Selected host sunrise.net-7.org and start the game, however i'm not able to login with my credentials into the game. I even tried to change my HOST file and flush my dns....nothing works.   any sugestions?  
  4. i transferred a load of ores via account vault, and they never made it to their destination :(  I'll keep looking, but i think i just lost 4 hours of mining *sigh*
  5. Trying to link my game account with my net7.org account, but both were created ages ago and I'm having problems doing so. I go through the process and it tells me I've linked, but it doesn't actually link them. Don't get the list of avatars on the side or anything. My forum account and game accounts use the same email address, but the forum account contains spaces where the game account does not. I'm thinking that might be part of my problem. If anyone can help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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