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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all,   I promised an announcement in another post, I started writing last night but failed to post it. This is about the state of things, as it were. I am writing to let you know all about this. After we made the launch to the live state, we discovered the nature of our problems due to load.   This was not foreseen because we did not have the load of players to show the problem. We knew that there would be fits and starts as the population grew, but the sudden load of reaching our preset cap showed us some flaws in our base level architecture of the server's code. Specifically, this was that because of the way games work, they must be run in constant code loops until the server shuts down. This being said, what is happening is that with each additional player, you take up a spot in a special queue of player 'objects'. These objects which represent you also represent everything about you. Your toon's ship, equipment, vaults, and inventories.    As has been hinted by a few of our content developers in posts, due to them hearing us discuss it, the problem is that these objects are accessed by different areas of the code at the same time. When this happens, it can corrupt the memory that is reserved for your toon. If that happens, you enter a disrupted state, so to speak, and things called 'pointers' which are basically like a street sign that points to a section of memory that represents that part of you get knocked off their post. This is what we mean if you hear the reference of a 'null pointer'.    I have been silent thus far because we've been discussing the best way to fix it. We have tried implementing some more queues for certain things and what are called 'mutexes' which are locks that keep the memory from being accessed at the same time. When this happens, the process thread that attempts to look at this must wait until the mutex is released. This caused the lag you've been seeing over the course of the past week.    We have decided that what this means is for the future of the game and the project, we are going to fix this, but the method by which we have to do it is to do what amounts to basically duct-taping the server together so you can play in the meantime. We are going to rebuild the base architecture, this is going to take us about two months or so. In this time, I will have the content team updating and building new content as well, but you will not be seeing it released until we're done with the re-build. The only fixes that will be released to the live server will be those that are game breaking for players in the interim.   This is the base cause of a great many of the bugs we've experienced over the course of the last few years that related to memory problems and null pointers, and yes even lag. We're going to fix this but I wanted to let you know what's going on. Please be patient with things, and please understand that because of the nature of what is happening, the GM team will not be able to replace lost items, experience, loot, or missions. They cannot do this as there is simply no way for them to verify you had these things and as such leaves it open to exploitation. This is because the logs are not written until such time as the data is saved. I apologize on behalf of the team for this problem but there's nothing to be done except a re-build.   That being said, if you have any questions, please do feel free to post and I will try to answer them as best as I can if possible.   Over and out,   Kyp
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