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Found 1 result

  1. It's time for another Pakkrat's Overpriced Suggestions: Remember how asteroids occasionally explode on the mining pilot when an ore is selected for the mining beam? Dread, (or not) that debuff that comes of the exploding astroid? Most often with no other mobs in sight, that debuff is kinda wasted. The pilot goes about his business like nothing happened and waits out the debuff. Now for my idea. Give Named mobs and Boss mobs a parting shot by having them explode like pop-rock asteroids granting the immediate area of pilot(s) a nasty debuff that persists onto the next wave in a Raid, the remaining mobs or just as some added instant and/or absolute damage to the victory. This makes for some interesting encounters for taking down a Named mob. Example: With Diamond, Onyx and other crystal mobs swarming around "Raman the Polisher", the pilot is just about gotten that sweet drop from the boss. Then, suddenly, Raman, having lost the last of his 'shield' bar, goes mini-nova and explodes upon death. Impact debuffs and a ton of damage riddles the immediate area. This excites the remaining mobs who now have more reason to focus on the pilot making the killing blow on their hero mob. Now you have true reason to fear a Named mob, because this debuff is area effect, all your muliti-boxed ships are affected and the locals are super-angry. This adds a new level of challenge to mobs. Want to take it to the next level up? Have a randomizer sub-routine decide if a normal, un-named mob should explode. Maybe that Mabonae has a little too much pressure in all those gas globes and the pilot has been extra offensive. KAPOW! The roll was high enough that the mob explodes on death and sprays the area with a Chemical debuff or an Explosive debuff. With such randomity, it makes for some scary hunting when some extra comes of victory over a mob. Did that Red Dragon Veteran pack too much ammo in its hold? The killing blow hits all that ordinance and explodes upon destruction and bathes the area in Plasma damage and a Plama debuff is incurred on the side. This level of uncertainty may liven up things for hunters, raiders, campers, power-levellers and multi-boxers. Do I have it in for multi-boxers? *nod nod nod* Are you up to the challenge? From the Tactics lab of NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
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