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Found 1 result

  1. This is not a report about a Bug This is a report about how the skill has become and is becoming what we all want it to be. This post is for player and DEV. Please any loyal JD using this skill please please confirm my findings and anything you would like me to confirm. Target NPC were the L28-30 Chevez in Odin Rex and the Novice Dragon Drones in BBW. I was only able to see the Graphics working fully when I had the Space Poly Budget and the Texture Size set to their higher limits in the Options-Graphics Options tab, in game. There were a couple of times I didn't think the skill was working and ended up prematurly canceling the activation because I got a little impatient and double hit the activate key That led me to raise the graphics values. After that the Graphics were quite impressive and worked fine. Timers. Energy Drain (5 sec) Energy Leech (14 sec) Render Energy (24 sec) Energy Leeching Spere (44 sec) Render Energy Sphere (Not acquired) [color=#00FF00]25% of the time every time when I hit these NPC with any of the skill levels they stopped firing from 2-3 seconds. On the Energy Drain and Energy Leech I did see the message "Target has no energy to drain" But the Target was still able to fire and there was a very very slight delay in the fire rate after that. I did not see the Message at all when Leeching from a group. On the second use of any of the skills, the amount of the energy transfered was about 50% less on average.[/color] Tips: If your going to use Energy Leech you'll want to Max out the skill there were a couple of times that a New NPC Group move into range of their weapons but was just out of range of the AOE of your target. For Energy Leeching Spheres The skill discription states: "Drains energy from all targets within 1500 units of the [u]Target[/u] ! (Not your ship). 1500 units ain't much, at max skill level its 3000 units. Double the range ! Now that a Second group has moved in close, tag one and use your summons to bring them into close proximity to each other and then use your Energy Leech sphere on them ! You may as well get something from them other than their PL's, Missiles or Lasers. If the DEV's are trying to make the NPC act like what happens to your ship when it gets low on energy, their fire rate will decrease to the weapons with the quickest fire rate, until its reactor regenerates or gets a boost or recharge from an external source. If you can drain their energy and it decreases their fire rate even by a fraction it could mean the difference between life or death[color="#0000cd"].[/color]
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