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Found 2 results

  1. Would it be possible to research the Novaflash line of energy beams by Nishido? Possible quest line for the Jenquai Seekers? Currently only lvl 2 & 3 of the beam exist available through a quest I've long since forgotten, but I would love to see them go all the way to level 9... --snipet from the Novaflash description-- "A stolen, ultra-secret, experimental design now produced and used by the Shaitan drones in Europa." ""Nishido! Designed to perfection by the greatest of the Shoda-kan Masters."" rumors that ShadowWalker still roams the fringes of known space & secretly aids those he deems worthy
  2. Ok this guide is about what will be needed for both Terran and Jenquai to complete the Weapons portion of Agrippa. This is a guide to help you along the way to make things easier for these types to complete this mission/quest easily and effortlessly. If you read this guide first and get everything done/or gotten the items prior to, to needing it it will make your life easier. This guide is being written from my notes, so if I forgotten something I apologize. First things first Faction: The minimum required faction to start Agrippa is 2000 Collegia faction, required to complete Agrippa is 6500 Collegia faction. We an only go up to Stage II of Agrippa, why we only need 6500 and not 8000 Progens are required. There are several ways on gaining faction, one way is through jobs, or killing Shinwa or RD's (Red Dragons). I would recommend on killing RD's, then go back and kill Chavez's to repair your RD faction, also do jobs for Collegia faction. If you want to do just Collegia Jobs for functioning then you gonna be there a long time. Weapons build skill: The minimum required is level 7 weapons build skill, I recommend you have max weapons build skill before starting Agrippa. As the test you will be giving will be a level 9 beam weapon. Weapon skill required: You will be testing the projectile launcher as you build the weapons, so make sure yo have max Projectile launcher skill. It is not needed to start Agrippa but you wont be able to continue to Stage II (level 8 PL build). Now since you have the required faction and build skill whats next? You will need to ask for an invite from a Progen that has completed Stage I/II of the Agrippa quest. After receiving your invite you will need to go to Nostrand Vor and see Architect Inquiro, and hand in your weapon invite to her. She will then give you an exam to take. this exam is simple, but if you fail the analyzing you will need another invite. This exam is a lvl 9 beam weapon with all of the effects disabled, you will then be required to analyze it and then build it. WORD OF WARNING: DO NOT WORRY about quality, it is an absolute nightmare to get the quality above 125-150%. DO not blow your money on trying to hit 185% quality or you will waste a lot of money (I wasted over 65 million trying for a 185% and could not get it above 157%) Just rebuild it once and call it good. then return to Inquiro once you completed this portion of Agrippa. All the parts required to build the Weapon is @ Joves fury or Earth Station. The components required to build the examination weapon is: L9 Warlock Beholder L9 Warock MagIC 7 L8 Evolver PoweR-Forge Max After handing in your exam you will then needed to go see Architect Telum. Now Telum will have you go gather components, but she doesn't exactly tell you out of the clear blue what is needed. If you talk to her again she will give you the item is needed but it will only be one item at a time. The items needed to be bought and returned to Telum: L6 Focus 450 Flare 4 - Any Level 6 vendor L6 CE3K ADM BL24 - Player made, or can be ripped from a L6 Kokute Projectile Launcher from Parasad L6 K3 Optic Amplifier - Any Level 6 Vendor L6 Nova emeral Foreman - Any Level 6 Vendor After getting these parts, Telum will require you to get a weapon built by a Progen then return back to her. This weapon is a Effervo Quinque Projectile Launcher, this weapon can only be built by a Progen, these are the comps/ores that will be needed to have it built for you. it is a long list and I will list the hard to find items where the drop locations are. L5 Vortex Titanum Barrel - Vendor L5 Evolver Fire Master - Vendor L5 Gen Map - Drops from Combat Level 28 Sabine in Carpenter between Nav Carpenter 6 and Aurora 7. You will need to do some free warping, there not hard to find. L4 Security Optimal Override (Non trade-able) Has to be built by the Progen building the weapon Ores/components listed below, it is a lot. -L4 Ultra Improved Capacitor - Vendor -L4 CE3K Model 4 - Player Made- or ripped from a Halley DDo4 Engine. -L4 Evolver All Temp Circuit Board - Vendor --Hull Mesh Laminate (PM and trade-able)-- this one is also has a huge list of required ores/components. --L5 Raw Sapphire --L8 Duplium Ore --L3 Boron --L1 Graphite ---L1 Collegia Authorization MXXIC--- ---L1 Raw Topaz ---L4 Metoric sand ---L4 Refined Phosphorus ---L3 High Impact Plastic :Light crude Oil All of the above listed goes into one weapon, told ya it is a lot. After getting this weapon built by a friendly Progen, return back to Telum with the weapon, and hand it in. Then after you completed this tasking of Agrippa, you will get a choice of either the weapon to do first or the ammo. I did the Weapon first. After choosing to get the weapon (I am just fallowing how I completed this quest), She will have you get the fallowing components needed for the Level 7 Flachette. Make sure you get 2 of the fallowing components built. Telum will take a complete set for herself. The Components required for you to get are : L6 Profero Manus Manus Shield -L6 CE3K PM-89 - L6 Sexy Class laser @ F7 -L6 Nova Emerald Foreman - Vendor -L6 Electro Platinum Wound Relay - Vendor L6 Foedius Vox Redivivus Reactor -L6 Electro LX Unifier - Vendor -L6 CE3K Model 6 - Player Made - L6 Hidden Eye KV Trader in KV -L6 Nebula Powr Vamp - Vendor -L6 K3 Loadtech QL2 L7 Stage II Encryption (Progen only built) Make sure you get two each of the above comps built, prior to seeing Telum. She will take a set, and you will need to built the L7 Flachette with a set. You will get the map for the l7 Flachette. Up next is the ammo portion of this quest. Telum will have you go fetch a set of Effervo Flachette Ammo samples. I can't remember what was needed as a friend just handed me the ammo samples. After Returning to Telum, you will get the map for the Impact ammo. The fallowing components required for the Impact ammo is: L8 Warlock Morgan LF - Joves Fury, Earth L8 Quark P92 Slugs - Joves Fury, Earth L8 Evolver Blitz - Joves Fury, Earth After completing this portion of the weapon/ammo building go see Intuneric Vigoare on Nostrand Vor Station (She is to the right hand side of the door as you enter the bar) have her now inspect the weapon and ammo. (She wont take your weapon). Then she tells you to equip the Weapon and head out to Grissom and Scan the Cooper gate.
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