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Found 2 results

  1. This suggestion is about the mining mechanic itself. Instead of having roids and hulks be containers that stay until emptied, have them destroyed immediately on prospecting and the contents left drifting in space. In other words, the mining beam breaks the roid apart and the prospector can then tractor in the items (or not as they choose).   This solves a number of problems (among them cherry-picking) and also offers new possibilities for pop-rock implementation (I think the current one was a bad idea as implemented in Live and bad as replicated here). Using this model, every roid is a potential pop-rock to a miner, and the skill level of the miner reduces the chance and impact of something bad happening.    In this model, a low-level miner can mine a high-level roid if they're willing to take the chance of getting creamed, and a high level miner still has a chance of getting nicked here and there as they mine.   And regardless of what a miner takes or doesn't take, the roid is cleared, so the issues from cherrypicking go away.
  2. It occurred to me that roids and hulks can be inside other objects, so I had the thought of placing roid and hulks spawns inside of something bigger (like the Moon Fragment in AP for roids or gate wrecks for hulks). The prospector would therefore look like they were mining that object instead of the roid, which I just think would be cool :) Fly up to the Moon Fragment and see if there's anything to mine, or check out the gate wreck in ABA and see if there's anything to loot.    Also, if one removed the textures from those roids / hulks, there'd be no visible evidence that they were there, so this could be used on the other floaty decorations like those big skeletons. I can imagine that you could create organics loot drops for prospectors to mine that way, if it's worth doing ofc.   Re moons, I don't know if you can place spawns on or near enough to those objects to make this work. But that would be cool too just for flavor reasons. Moon mining. It even sounds cool to say.     Just wanted to get that out of my head, the rattling was driving me crazy :)
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