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Found 1 result

  1. Had a nice discussion last night in Market channel that began with simply talking about Raw Boronite (gg Chavez) and turned into the whole EnB economy... or lack thereof right now. We need to find a way to reboot the economy and make it vibrant again, whether we have a few or many players. One point was made that it was currently faster, cheaper/faster to buy comps and dismantle them than trying to find an explorer class or buy ores/minerals. This was very concerning to me. Granted - mining is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it never was or should be, but miners deserve to be able to sell their product and earn a fair coin from it. Likewise, Trader classes must have cheap minerals in plentiful supply in order to make good comps and items at high Quality, thus making it worthwhile to seek out a Trader instead of an NPC vendor. If minerals cost too much, then comps/items will cost too much, and Trader classes fail to sell. Players will just buy from NPC vendors, dismantle, remake. Trader classes have to have cheap starting material, and they can pass on fair prices when they sell. At the end, Warrior classes should be able to buy items for a fair price. All they can do to earn money is sell stacks of combat loot or once in awhile find an Explorer to run cover for while they mine higher level stuff, and hope to earn a tip. This requires that the Explorer class has money to tip... which they need to get fair money for their ores in order to have money to tip a warrior... and full circle now goes the problem. Related, is the issue of 'roid fields. They need to have a good mix of different types of ores in them. (Let me define: ore = raw things that are mined. Mineral = items refined in a station.) Explorer classes need to get a fair result for their work mining. Too few ores in 'roids, and they won't earn enough from an hours' work. Too many and - supply & demand - ores are too cheap and won't earn enough. Also keep in mind, afaik/remember there is no actual L9 roid field, only L8 and each roid field has a chance to spawn +1/-1 level of roids inside it. This is why L9 are so rare. You dn't want something so rare to turn into a pop-rock too often. Consensus in chat was, tho, there's too few ores per 'roid, and too many pop rocks , especially on high level roids. Now, yes, i understand this can sound like a whine, and everyone wants 'more loot' and no pop-rocks, but I propose a modest tweak to the frequencies, as a first attempt. Could we try a +25% increase in ore/roid frequency and -25% decrease in pop-rock frequency. Let's see if this can get the money moving again more quickly. What other suggestions for a vibrant economy do people have?
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