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Found 3 results

  1. my two missions (hull upgrade and a current job) have dissapeared from my mission log. and if i take a new mission it starts at the top but i cant forfeit it because it just sticks there. I remember this happening before but not how to fix it, and i cant seem to find anything in here on it. **update** this seems to be triggered by having two game accounts active at once and gating at the same time.
  2. This is a reaching long-shot, but here goes, In another MMORPG, I saw a dropped item, looted item, or free-standing spawned item that was found by a player (through their toon). This item's description said something to the effect of: "This item begins a mission." This allowed the player-toon to begin a quest off of an item's initiation. I gave rodent thought to this phenomena. Can a pilot (a game toon) find, loot, or be given an item, device, weapon, or other system that is so mysterious (I hear sounds of Jenquai mysticism) that it sets off a mission line that cannot be completed alone by the discovering pilot. The pilot can space the mystery OR they can seek to muster a group of pilots to further probe the item's mysteries, a mission towards deeper truths of the item's history, significance, or destiny. What this does is to allow the player-pilot to become a mission-giver instead of a station NPC. Is the Earth & Beyond Emulator capable of such? This lends itself to roleplay should the discovering pilot choose to muster a team in-character. Just some Gouda for thought, From the writer's desk at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
  3. Devs; Has anyone on the team had the time to find the plethora of data points on Archive.org regarding EnB? There is a lot of info on the missions, database items, missions, etc that can be found to incorporate into the game. Is there anything on there that could benefit the developers that I could help find? Is there a 'missing' list that needs more data to complete or make the game more complete to original? I went out there and if you have the right searching skills there could be a gold mine of info... example: [url="http://web.archive.org/web/20030206075833/http://ebportal.com/missions.php"]http://web.archive.org/web/20030206075833/http://ebportal.com/missions.php[/url] Let me know if I can help. Thanks and keep up the good work! Herosmith
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