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  1. Hello all, Again, as I do my best creative thinking when I'm supposed to be doing something else, (e.g. work, chores, massage therapy, etc.), I came up with a suggestion for the Privateer Dismantle skill. Once again, I am no Developer nor am I out there to break the game with something outlandish. The idea just sorta popped in my head and I gnawed on it all day yesterday. I'll try to put some story behind this idea as well to provide some thematic justifications to this idea. The Collegia, late to the greater SolSec markets in having to first split off from the Sabine Order in disgust and betrayal or whathaveyou, began to see that the various industries were far outstripping the Progen Republic in every venue except personal development. InfinitCorp, GETCo, Sundari, Tada-O, even Blacksun, CE3K, and Warlock had the Collegia up against a wall of monopolies in every sector. To that, the Collegia developed the Privateer ship and class of Progen determined to vanguard the Progen Republic into the markets. With the Privateer comes the Dismantle skill. In its efforts to catch up, learn, and then sell for a profit for the betterment of the Republic, the Collegia managed to outfit the Privateer the means to discover systems, break them down, and see what makes them tick. Dismantle has seven 'dots' and is power intensive, definitely not meant to be used in combat. Dot 1 - Increased Terminal Analyze Chance of Success. Increased Terminal Dismantle Critical Chance of Success for Components. Dot 2 - Increased Terminal Analyze Chance of Success II. Increased Terminal Dismantle Critical Chance of Success for Weapons. Dot 3 - Increased Terminal Analyze Chance of Success III. Increased Terminal Dismantle Critical Chance of Success for Shields. Dot 4 - Terminal Independence: The Privateer may now Dismantle in space by activating the skill, clicking on the target system and Dismantling it with components entering the cargo hold if there is space available. (This disallows use of Terminal Overrides, but allows use of Duct Tape, Data Cubes, etc.) The process costs energy from the ship's reactor. The higher level the system, the greater the reactor drain. Dot 5 - Increased Terminal Dismantle Critical Chance of Success for Reactors. Decreased Terminal Independence reactor cost to ship's reactor. Dot 6 - Eureka!: The Privateer may Dismantle any system from a Terminal for its components, but will still be denied a print of anything Engines or Progen Restricted. (Terminal Overrides allowed.) Decreased Terminal Independence reactor cost to ship's reactor II. Dot 7 - Reverse Engineering: The Privateer may now Dismantle any system in space by activating the skill on the target system, Analyzing systems built by Progen or Dismantle-only on systems that are Engines or Progen Restricted. (Disallows Terminal Overrides, but allows for Duct Tape, Data Cubes, etc.) Decreased Terminal Independence cost to ship's reactor III. This idea for Dismantle came as an idea for Privateer' freedom from station Terminals to break down looted and manufactured systems while still on-site or while still at a raid. This would save the Privateer time and travel somewhat. It would make them a valuable asset on-location when loot is parcelled out to participants. Story-wise, the Privateer is trying to catch the Collegia up with the megacorporations of the Terrans and the technologically advanced Jenquai, from the machine shop of his own vessel if he has to. Privateers are given marque from the Republic, (hence the term 'privateer') to hunt, loot, learn, and reverse-engineer the technologies of Progen competitors and enemies. I am open to constructive suggestions as to how this could be improved. Again, I am not trying to break the game by some fluke in the system. The idea just sorta spontaneously came to me haphazardly. If this idea can be improved to the point that it could feasibly fit into the game, then I'd feel truly satisfied that I contributed to the race/class in some way. On location at Arx Bursa, this is the Pakkrat. PP 49 et al
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