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Found 1 result

  1. i'm killing time here in the early am waiting for the Server to come back up (needs a restart but we kinda abused our server devs last nite and somewhat today ..in the wee hours...so i think they are way...crashed....i think a few may also suffer this am from 'Wife Aggro" anyway....the topic here is when and where and perhaps how did you find this EnB Emulator project....was it way back at the beginning of the project or recently? Anyway I was on Beta Server under Westwood and from then till Sunset when EA pulled the plug in 2004. Not being a programmer type i saved all my data disks/game info etc on the somewhat 'slim' hope that someday some programmer type would make a small "app" so i could at least get in game and fly around my empty EnB data disks ...and reminisce and look at the stations sectors etc..if nothing else that much. So in a nostalgic frame of mind in March of 2007....i was Googling on the web looking for some screen shots etc..when i found the project....and GASP they had a single user playable version ..that no only could you fly about in game on your little laptop you could actually do stuff! (much whooping it up at that point) Then reading on i saw that they were planning on making a "Server" version and revive the game as an emulator. (much more whooping it up at that point..at which point i think i pulled something) So in Jan 1st 2008 after midnight the launch of the first stress test (ST-1).....and we were off So..... For those of you who think we have not come far in the 5 years i've been in the project (I think the project has probably only been in existence for maybe 7 yrs)...anyway.....we have gone from single player ...no server all tools built from scratch all server hardware coding reverse engineered etc etc to the point we can call the project LIVE as of 11/9/2012 ......10 years and change since EnB was launched by Westwood and 8 years since the original EnB was killed by EA. Now that we are here and ALL our concentration can now be put into "Improving Content" and "Improved Gameplay" and anything else we can dream up w/o haveing to build an entire server/univers/dev tools/non-profit status/ etc etc Imagine what the next 5 years will be like with our laser like concentraion on "Game Improvement/Advancement".....its all about content now boys and girls... so brace yourself! Also promote the game (maybe wait till after our launch weekend here so we can get the bugs out) ..but add the net-7.org link and enb-emulator link to your facebook pages....if you are really ambitious ....we prob could use a newer version of a EnB Emulator video of game play on Youtube then the one on there 3years agon in ST-3....feel free to promote it I mean we are "LIVE" and that means to me the expectaion is that the hardware and software WILL work ...and now most of the staff's concentration in game will be on improving/refining/adding content....content ...content.........(you guys get bored easy...need to make lots of shiny missions/stuff) anyway enjoy the project and tell on this thread when you found the EnB emulator project and the circumstances ....many of us will be interested...especially on my part on the most recent of you gonna also try to add a simple poll option to this if it does not work ...well I'd like to see descriptions on how you found the project here anyway..... thanks for contributing to this modest little project (good thing it was a simple port right?) my 2c worth Searing GM
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