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Found 1 result

  1. Yesterday (07/28/2013) in the Developers Q&A session, I asked if the other classes were due their own special class skill to be earned upon attaining Overall Level 135. Two examples that come to mind are the Sentinel's Call Forward and the Explorer's Compulsory Contemplation. Well, in delving into the lore and notes of the Earth & Beyond Storyline Resource document, I found a third special class skill that was next in line for release but never saw Live before Sunset. The skill is called Impervious Haven. It is for the Terran Tradesman. What it does or how it is implemented was not in the notes, but only in name. At least two other classes were scheduled for special skills after the Tradesman starting with the Progen Warrior then the Jenquai Defender. Now when I asked Elrick about if the classes were to eventually get these hinted-at class skills, he replied that there was no room in the PDA to add them without removing a skill. Given that and the original six classes are expanded to nine, how can we re-distribute the skills out a little so as to allow each class for that new, special skill learned at Overall Level 135? I took a look and saw that the Build skills could be best re-shuffled about with minimal damage to each class. But what should be moved and where? Part of the answer is what each race cannot generally build. Terrans don't build reactors. Progen don't build engines. Jenquai don't build shields. By that initial process of elimination, how can we move the skills about to allow for the single special skill learned at Overall Level 135? I know that there are issues with Compulsory Contemplation. There may be issues with a skill named Impervious Haven. Who knows? But with each class getting a skill at that level the mystery is killing me with curiosity. So here's my challenge: What skills in each class' PDA can we move around to allow for the special 135 skill? My first vote was to shift the Build Skills. I know that this might anger the pilots who love building and will tick off the Tradesmen the most. But with a skill name like Impervious Haven, I'd be willing to drop a Build Skill just to have a gander. We know that some of the newer classes have skills that are not right. Privateers are missing Dismantle. The Seeker is suffering. The Skill points system is heavy on the warrior-types and inadequate on the explorer-types. If we were to re-work the skill-sets, to allow for the 135 skill, how might this also help those deficient classes? From the Careers department desk at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
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