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Found 1 result

  1. Some time ago, about a year I think, it was decided by the three largest guilds to include the public in their raid rotation schedule for RD Base, GoBB and Controller. Many expressed the opinion at the time that this was a waste of raids as the public was not a big guild and couldn't finish a raid. Time has shown however that the public has not failed to take down a trigger, server willing, even though it may take hours to form the groups.   Recently it has been observed that one or more of the big guilds is only doing one raid per week on some triggers. I would say this is a waste of one or two raids to let the trigger float. If a guild is unable or unwilling to do 3/4 triggers a week on thier rotation do they deserve that rotation slot? Epic Gamers can't quite field a raid group yet. Can we have a rotation slot? Having a rotation slot is a previlage to large guilds but if you can't protect this previlage perhaps you should lose it. I don't think a hostile public raid snipe is the first thing we should do though there are some who would like to try.   I suggest this solution: Either invite the public or become the public.   Discuss your feelings and opinions on the raid rotation and unused triggers and what to do about it here, and please be friendly about it.  :)
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