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  1. Kyp, Have a link to the data needed? It's been many years since I ran the config.
  2. All, I see that my accounts are still here. As are my avatars. Here's my issue, have downloaded both the emulator and the N7. N7 isn't seeing a client? Whats the new process, want to launch my Progen battlestar again, lo!!!
  3. Yes, they were true LVL 3 Solar Sails.   In regard to the mission, Holmes appeared up until the 3rd time I got killed by the gate to Inverness orbit.
  4. I have a screenshot showing I successfully analyzed L3 Bogeril Solar sails but it does not show in my build list.  Image attached.   Also, please reset Terran Promotion Notification v 2.0, stage 10/18, Capture Roland Holmes.  He does not appear on Inverness Down as he should.     Chelcon     [attachment=2348:Image2.jpg]
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