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  1. I tried that and it worked like a charm. Thanks!
  2. Wicked! No worries. I can wait, and I've got a towel to catch the drool before it lands on the keyboard. *heh*
  3. Can't tell you how much that helped. I can wait until they've got the whole shabang set up and working again - no worries. Thanks muchly to everything for the quick reply and all the details. *smile*
  4. That's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks muchly!
  5. I'm an old E&B fan who wants to set up the new emulator and check it out/test it out/help out. I managed to find an emulator installation package and got it installed, but in LaunchNet7 v1.5.3, I'm getting an error stating 'Error while launching client. Details: Could not patch AuthLogin.dll.' whenever I press 'Play' in the lower right-hand corner of the application. I'm not certain if I have an up-to-date version, or if the environment is open to new players, or if there's a configuration I missed. I haven't been able to find much information on the whole set up and what's needed to get it running. I'd greatly appreciate any help getting this beastie up and running if it's at all possible.
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