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  1. Thanks all for the advice. Next time I'm on I will continue to peruse her buttons.
  2. Furthering myself along the mission chain for "High-Grade Engines for Sale!", I've become stuck at the point where I need to stall for time with Lady DeWinter. Talking with her, she asks, "Hey (name), when are you going to give me that Infinicorp ExecReport Cy864?" After continuing the conversation with a pronounced "OK...." from my part, she then proceeds to ramble on through her shrill, harsh, and deplorably annoying audio recordings (which are definitely not as fun nor exciting as 'MEMEMEME.. MUUMUMUMUMMMmm').   And thus, after logging out, using /fmu, and scrolling through the mission and listening to her audio for more than several occasions, I've run out of options to further my quest than to come here for help. It may be a bug, or it may be my misunderstanding. Thanks for your time.     Skadovsk
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