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  1. I can´t send next images from the game improvements - this is not right place. If you know more, please visit discord: -Find better ways to share images using well known sources (pastebin, etc). No inviting other users to random discords unless they know you and wish to take that risk. Cannot confirm this is not a dangerous link and your other post was hidden due to it having a direct link to an executable file.-
  2. Thanks for your help! It was very usefull for me and i have the game fix now. Thank you!
  3. I have another problem, the game lags often - the game work bud the commands are delayed or nohing happens. I must restart. It is normal? Any fix for the my test?
  4. Earth is not completed yet. There is another layer, witch is off for now - blank texture. The second clouds rotate independently of the surface. I must redraw yet. The textures seams I´ll fix.
  5. Yes, yes, it´s not simple texture change, but first i have to study, how its created. I am suprised, how the creators were sophisticated. I will continue with improvements. I send mix files agail soon.
  6. I changed the textures of this planets and moon: Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Odin Rex, Grissom, Arduinne/Ishuan and Io. this is gift: https://ulozto.cz/file/MSbSUu7F0ugj/e-b-mix-5-6-220119-zip#!ZGHjAwR1MQZ0MwVjLmZ1LzRlMGV4nzq1ZSyFF2gWZTISLmt4 enjoy
  7. there are new screnshotss from the edited game. well?
  8. Hello to all! I wish to thank you to all, for emulator of Earth and Beyond. When the game was released i didnt have the resources for gaming. Now it is possibile. I´m very glad I can play the game properly. I´m excited so much, that i try to do some improvements. This is my first test. It is possible using texture of Jupiter atmosphere with size 2048x2048 pixel and change a little second texture of the clouds. the result exceeded my expectations! I changed Jupiter, Io, Mars and now i prepare for the Earth. I can send you in return a mix file (at least SOL system).
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