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  1. Understood and aknowledged. Will give it a shot on this evening. Thanks, sir.
  2. Hello, people. Having a problem with EBConfig, which is not running in any way, so i can't adjust resolution and settings, so game starts in a small window with resolution 1024x768. Other things are just fine, i can create character, run around the station, converse with NPCs e.t.c., but a small window makes it all unbearable. Tried to run tools as admin - no luck. Even tried to disable antivrus. Is there any special steps i should perform before running the game in Windows 10? Thought it might be because of DEP, tried to disable it for all .exe's which is used for E&B, but it didn't work.
  3. Hello, guys. I was wondering, are people still playing this game? I mean, what chances are to meet someone in space, and how many concurrent players are online these days? Thanks.
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