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  1. Thanks YellowBird, got the item in my inv, going to try to proceed with the mission
  2. Hello, I have a mission called "Report for a lady" where I am meant to hand over a report to Moire Archer, but when I visit her she tells me I am missing the report that it is not in my inventory. She refers to the InfinitiCorp Execreport cy864. I cannot forfeit the mission either to restart Can you help with this?! Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm having the same issue, the report is missing and i cannot proceed with the mission
  4. Hello, so far i manage to get in the game and reach lv 11, but i have to terminate the client and reopen it every few min. The game starts just fine but after a few min I start to exprience delay in every resonse (5-10 sec between every operation) until the game just dies every through i manage to interact with the UI. Any suggestions how I may improve it will be welcome, Thanks,
  5. Hello, I followed the instructions regardign changing the gmae configuration, I manage to edit the net7config file but when i click the E&BConfig file, it will load for a cople seconds and nothing happens after that. Anyone knows any reason why? Thanks,
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