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  1. Alright you all. The INV-300 Error is back, again. For those that do not know this yet, until the Server Ops can update the Microsoft Certificate again, you all will have to go to the control panel, internet settings, and advanced options, and turn off the check for certificates for websites. But remember, after you do this, be careful when browsing the internet, as this will render your browser security impotent. You can always set it back to "on" after you are done playing E&B. This is all temporary until they fix the certificate verification. Enjoy !!!!

  2. UPDATE:


    WOW. Just got the game installed, and account set-up. It really does work!!! Earth & Beyond Lives !! I got to go away for a bit. When I come back, I'm going to try this thing out. You can count on my support on this game. FOR REAL. Until next time. Fly safe.

  3. I am one of those, who actually played this game when it was in its prime. I loved this game, and never forgot it, after all these years. To illustrate this fact, I managed to still have the original game box and contents to the E&B game, when I bought it off a game store shelf, way back in late year 2000? After the E&B shutdown, I played EVE online as an alternative to nothing and, I did become quite an advanced player in EVE online. However, I never saw the fun in EVE compared to E&B. I actually still remember a lot about the game play of E&B for those who were not around to play it (or were too young to even remember it). Any questions, and I may be able to answer them. I played this game avidly. I may give the emulator a try, but I just wanted to say Hi, and that I am just trying to figure out the operational status of this game. My profile name, is the same as when I played this game. I am not sure what server I played on, but it was either Orion, or Pegasus. Anyway, hope you all are having fun.  


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