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  1. Okay thanks - well, one last thing - there is global chat?
  2. Looks like its simple and interesting, I think it can be modded with a tons of scripts and much more))) Still better than eve online
  3. Well I just needed to register on a forum, and looks like then. - WOW IT WORKS))) - But I loosed laser with a mouse) It can be restored or bought a new with mining?
  4. And what is better to use to install the game if I will can register an account - with Net7_install or EarthB_demo ?
  5. Hi - tell please, where to create a game account? Looks like I need to be whitelisted, so I write the ticket here.
  6. http://evgars.com/new_page_8.htm Hi - maybe someone will be interested, it started from Viktor Shaurbergers inventions. - http://rexresearch.com Here is a whole huge library of inventions, blueprints, schemes, instructions - game is just a step to the reality as I think.
  7. Hi everyone - how to create a game account? Just registered here now
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