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  1. I've a fondness for playing retro games and cranking the graphics up to 11 and that means ReShade, problem is DX8 games can be fiddly and in this case d3d8to9 (Made by a ReShade dev) simply does not work, the game will fail to launch entirely. Now there also exists dgVoodoo 2 and the easily accessible releases of which will get you just past character selection.. before crashing to desktop, but there is still hope! Follow along.. What you are going to want to do first is to head on over to the VOGONs forum here where the dev of dgVoodoo 2 releases WIP builds, head towards the end of the thread and grab the latest release you can (at the time of writing dgVoodooWIP61.zip), now extract that somewhere and copy the d3d8.dll into the release directory of E&B (Same directory as client.exe), then run dgVoodooCpl.exe which came with it. At this point what I do is head on over to the DirectX tab and adjust the settings like so: Now keep in mind that the VRAM and Resolution should be set according to your system specs. From here you can click Add, choose the directory where client.exe is, make sure its selected in the dropdown menu beside Add, click Apply. If you want you can simply stop here and enjoy the benefits of VSync, AA, Aniso, and improved shading and filtering but for those who like to take things a step further: Download ReShade from here and run it (At the time of writing: ReShade_Setup_4.3.0) click the giant button and select client.exe, after that choose Direct3D 10+, you will then be asked if you want to download a collection of standard effects, choose yes. After it finishes you will be able to to select which filters you want to have available, personally I would just leave them all checked as once you have a configuration you like unused filters can be deleted. Congrats, ReShade is now installed, how you want to configure it is entirely up to you and it comes with a tutorial to show you how to do so (Top left of the screen on first run in-game) Personally I've found that BloomAndLensFlares, AmbientLight, PPFXSSDO, AdaptiveSharpen, and SMAA make things look considerably better. Comparison here with above effects enabled, no settings tweaked. Pro-Tip: If you hate not being in fullscreen as much as me hit Alt+Enter when ingame.
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