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  1. I know many have tried in the past, but since EA has added older legacy games to their vault collection on Origin (which I decided to subscribe to), I thought opening a dialogue with them to generate some interest in getting EnB onto Origin is worth a shot. It's a long shot, and while I do appreciate all that the EnB emulator team has done, it would be awesome to have the real server open again! I also know that many people before me have tried to get EA to release the software to the public, or just open 1 server so people could continue to play EnB. I came back recently, as I was bored of everything else out there. Mass Effect was the one game that kind of came the closest (that I have played, other than Eve), to the experience and joy I had playing EnB. I was that type of guildie that would pass out farming Tengu on my TE and wake up at my PC with a smoking hulk needing a jump start or tow back to base! And guildies would be like, oh Thentilian (although at the time my character was called something else) passed out at the keyboard again! Granted, not a healthy habit, but the game had me so hooked, I played way too much, and no other game has come along that I have enjoyed nearly as much as EnB. Here is my post: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Origin-Access/Earth-and-Beyond/m-p/7115412/highlight/false#M6430 Maybe we can make enough noise for EA to listen now that it's been SO many years after the fact and they don't seem to plan on doing anything with the IP, they might just finally give in!
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