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  1. Yesterday morning everything was working fine, I might see a DC once every 2 weeks. I logged out and went to work, when I came home later in the night I tried getting in game and started to have net 7 launcher stop responding. After reloading 1-3 times I can get into the login, where I now get "lost global connection" after entering account info and password, after 1-2 more tries going back through net-7 launcher I can get into the character screen. From here I have what feels like a 50/50 chance to get through loading screens, either logging from character screen, or from gating. Im very confused how this problem developed over just a few hours, I did nothing with my computer since I logged out of the game. I have tried reseting modems/routers and computer, but it did not improve the situation at all. My only guess is something with my ISP changed in the short time I was gone, but that seems strange, everything else works normally. I thought I would see if I could find any ideas here first before I deal with the frustration of ISP phone service. BOO this sucks! haha Thanks in advance for any insight on the matter.
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