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  1. Mitsunari

    AHK Multiboxing setup - thanks Wolfie

    Also - why do you still use the multi client unlocker? The current client is unlocked without issue, and when you use the unlocker (unless there is a more updated version) it actually causes more problems than fixes. It's nice to be able to kill windows and such but for me at least this clientunlocker is currently unusable.
  2. Mitsunari

    AHK And Multiboxing

    Akeean, How did you manage to fix your clicking issue? I too am running win10x64 however when I try the script or even just trying to open 2 EnB's manually, I cannot click on the second screen at all. The screen works, it registers when I hover over buttons but my mouse clicking only works on my main screen. Very irritating and I cannot figure this out