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  1. Maybe my email is wrong on the system ho do i check that?
  2. Well tried that list and no joy at all just spent 1 hr in chat with a rep, no joy either they escalating up the chain ....
  3. Good morning all I am having a unusual issue that I was just able to get on the forum after finding a password sheet from about 10 years ago that had my original password for the form on it as I have been unable to receive the email that gives you the links to reset your password I have tried many times in the past 10 days and I have been unable to see an email come my way Specs what I'm trying to do Go to the reset your password have it send the email to me email never arrives I have been unable until today to get onto the form to even ask for help there is no way to get help without logging into the forum as far as I can tell if there is a contact information on the front page of the net seven I surely cannot find it it would've been helpful to have something like that just in the case of these kinds of issues So is it possible to get some information where this email originates from so I can take it up with Comcast why they are blocking or stopping the email . From getting to me if I can't get any satisfaction from them on what's going on I'm going to bump it up to the next complaint available system which I believe is the FCC if I can't get any satisfaction from Comcast directly I should note that both the net seven emulator account and the forum account cannot be reset by me at this point this is very disconcerting if something glitches and I get locked out I will have no access which would make me very sad So what I need from you guys is can you give me the information where the email from the website and the forum are sent from like domain server those kind of things that I can take up with Comcast and see if I can get them to do some tracing or some diagnostics to get this fixed Thanks for your help anything you can do will be wonderful
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