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  1. 23 views and no responses is there any other info that would help out my situation better, I will try to help with what knowledge of computers I have. Thank you
  2. I have been trying to get in game Woodstock was trying to help me with my issue i start the game the but it does not launch i have the launcher pointed to the client.exe. Woodstock mentioned that it may be my ip is set to my router and not my actual ip. I tried to go into the hosts.bat file but I do not know how to change it to my actual ip address. Im really not sure what to do or how to explain it anything you need im sure i can get for you.
  3. I have reinstalled after being gone quite a while onto my laptop the Launcher seems to be updated version 543 and working. When I launch it I get the Net7 Proxy v2.45 it shows up in the task bar after a while it disappears. I never get a game screen to load I have read that most people have fixed this by pointing the launcher here C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe But mine is already pointed there and still not working and no error codes any ideas. Thank you for any help anyone can give me.
  4. Thank you very much Cipher that solved my problem.
  5. No I run the test each time even in windowed mode I'm really at a loss I change the res on my laptop to even match that of the game and no luck there. Could this be conflict between my Nvidia M 960 and the onboard intel graphics I can not disable either card in the bios ive tried that. I don't know it always ran fine for me until I had to re install windows.
  6. I had to recently re install windows 10 on my lap top I have been playing on it with no problems as of today though I can not play the game without playing in windows mode I can set any resolution and play but I can not play in full screen all it does is load the first splash screen then it ctds any help or any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you KADOW
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