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  1. Figured it out. When I tried to install it I used custom locations (Just moving it from my C drive to my B drive) but for some reason by doing that, even though i put them in the same Program Files folder, it caused the Net-7 installation to not trigger the client update. I just tried reinstalling via the default directories and its working now.
  2. Got a fresh install on Win8.1, trying to play this game again but whenever it attempts to Download Patch Information during launch it says "Couldn't connect to the update server. Try again later." and closes. Any ideas?
  3. See thats the thing, it works perfectly fine for the game itself its jsut the starship creator that won't work. Which leaves me in the shitty situation of not being able to play the other 3 classes.
  4. Just tried to download that it gave me the same error.
  5. Tried that and it didnt do me any good.
  6. I was following the pinned topic, however when I go to launch it I get an error. "Cannot initialize any Direct3D device. Please ensure that you have DirectX 8.0 (or above) intalled and that you have a DirectX 8 compatible video card driver." I am running on Windows 8.1 64bit with a GTX 1080, and I'm not quite sure what's going wrong here.
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