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  1. Hey guys here is the source code if someone needs to make changes   [attachment=3058:EnBNotifier-SourceCode.7z]
  2. so came to checkout the enb status after about 2 years. happy to see my app still works and its been added to the page [url="http://www.net-7.org/downloads.php"]http://www.net-7.org/downloads.php[/url] i still have the source codes if somebody wants something changed or added. i was hoping to see what has been changed in 2 years with the game but did not see anything in forums.
  3. well i am the creator of this app if anybody cares
  4. Okay so this tool was quite popular before forum was wiped so i thought i should return it for people to get EnbNotifier Shows the server status in system tray. Oh yeah needs .net 3.5 currently -fixed the sound not working in v5. Added source code to the latest post. EnBNotifierv5.zip EnBNotifierv5.zip
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