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  1. I don't need it for a mission, at least not yet, since I have yet to come up with a mission to even have a reason to do it for.  No, it would be nice to be able to target a a specific place within the sector by its coord and go there.  Such as, you have found a good spot to sit and farm a mob, or set of mobs. And in the future when you want to come back to it, while it is still worth it, you can go straight to it.   It is too much time to create a wasted toon just to get it out of the home sector and have it sit there becoming your beacon. That is a waste of an account toon slot and time. As such it is not worth my time to even think of doing that.
  2. I didn't know that we could target nav, or for that matter didden nav, markers by targeting the coords. how is this done?
  3. is there a way to target a location in a sector with its coords?
  4. Okay, I have gone and talked to Proconsul Dionysius Kerr and received my lvl 30 promotion.  I was then instructed to go to Tiberius Shipyards in Pimus for the hull upgrade, and that I still had to pay the 10,000 credits. There was no mention from him about seeing anyone else about a possible mission.   But, I went ahead and went to see Ioanno-J Denion any ways to see if that would trigger her.  But, it did not. So I assume that you get her mission after going to Tiberius and getting the upgrade done. And that is what I'm going to try.  I just hope that her mission does not become locked out because I had done so.   I'll report back when I tried it.         EDIT: okay, the lvl30 option mission seems to be locked out because there was a very brief mention that step 3 was completed. I am on my way to see Ioanno-J Denion to verify this is the case.   EDIT EDIT: Alright, it seems that the lvl30 hull upgrade optional mission can only be triggered after going through and doing the lvl30 upgrade. But yet there was no mention of going to see Ioanno-J for a possible mission while talking to Kerr or the shipyards. So without the mission log, which is miss-leading, you would not know of the optional mission. how strange is that?
  5. No I have not done a lvl 30 hull upgrade at all.  I have been following the mission log with regards to hull upgrades.     nvm  after relooking at the mission log, it has the following:   Advanced on completing your level 10 Hull Upgrade Mission from Tovar Maxe on Arx Prima (Mars Beta) At level 10, go and report to Proconsul Dionysius Kerr on Arx magister (Mars). There is an option 30 Hull Upgrade mission from Ioanna-j Denion Pourvenir Mons (Endriago Planet). This will not be able to be done after 50 hull upgrade.   It seems that looking at the mission log, with out looking at the log details, it only shows step 3. You only find out that you have a step 2 after looking at the log details.   Since I have not done step 2 yet, i guess I'm off to mars to start that.  Just my luck for not reading the Guide to Sentinels Promotion [Version FINAL.S] log detail.       Sorry for posting this.     EDIT: just talked to Kerr and he does not mention anything about going to see the "gene witch" prior to having the hull upgrade. But, that is what I shall do.
  6. Is there some issue with the Lvl30 Hull upgrade? When I reached lvl34 I noticed that I had the option to do it. And according to the mission log, it seems to be available until prior to getting the Lvl50 Hull upgrade.  But, when I went to see Ioanno-J Denion there is no mission.  What gives? I am currently at Pourvenir Mons awaiting for some GM to should online. Just so that I can get an answer to this.   Is the lvl30 hull upgrade only available at lvl30? If so then why does the misssion log show that it is available, while my toon is OL34, and that it is available until you get the lvl50 hull? From what I have read in a previous post, this was an issue some time ago. Why was it not fixed then? Why do I have to ask to have it fixed if that is truely the case?
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