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  1. Hi, i am new to the game.    First I would like to say, AMAZING work Devs. Never heard of this game but a friend introduced me to it and I love it. However I would like to make a small nooby suggestion if I may?   Would it be possible to add a "Probe Triangulation" mini-game to the game like EvE and Mass Effect have where you have to use the probes to discover hidden Nav Points and other hidden goodies. I realise this will not be everyone's cup of tea but I would like to be able to truly explore areas on the map rather then flying from nav point to nav point. I think the game could be greatly enhanced with the introduction of probes which could help add realism and depth to the game if you can detect things like;   - Hidden Nav Points - Wrecked Hulls - Distress Calls - Wierd Radio Transmissions - Indications and other scary alien lifeforms.   I love this game and I feel that it needs a few elements to add more depth and fun. You would need to add a new skill (Probe) to the game and gain experience to exploration for doing it.    P.S. Could you change the interior of cities on planet surfaces, its rather disappointing that they look like the stations.   Sorry if these are stupid suggestions. 
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