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  1. OK, I found the problem. For some reason, both the client install and net-7 install links were downloading the demo installer; the net-7 link was not downloading the net-7 install file (I quintuple-checked this, for some reason the link was being wonky for me). When I checked the link just now, it downloaded the net-7 installer and now I'm getting through to the login screen. It appears this issue is resolved. Thank you guys for replying
  2. I just now installed the emulator and am having a problem getting into the game. The game starts up but, once it finishes with the Westwood Studio logo, the screen turns black (with music) and, after about 10 seconds, crashes. I looked through about 15 pages of this forum and didn't see anything that remotely came close to the problem so I decided to open a new thread. I'm running Windows 10 64-bit fully updated with an AMD FX-8350 & GeForce 1080. I installed the game via the eandb_demo.exe file (both the net7 and client installer links downloaded the same file). I ran the Earth & Beyond Configuration file in Windows XP SP2 compatibility as administrator, clicked the Performance Test button and clicked OK; I did this for several different resolutions in windowed and non-windowed modes. I have no idea what to try next. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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