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  1. I am trying to install the Net7 client and it will work, but when it tries to update it crashes with an error on multiple VMs. When I try to run Net7 Launcher again Windows gives at error saying "This App Can't Run, contact the company for more info" or something along those lines
  2. I’ve been using the VM for years without issue, no changes on my end
  3. Weird thing is, when I run it on the host system (no vm) it works fine. The OS firewall is turned off on both. The router firewall hasn’t changed in years.
  4. Weird thing happened and I have no clue how to fix it. I run EnB in a Windows XP VM and out of no where I cannot get the game to login it. Patching works, but the patch notes window says "Navigation to the webpage was canceled". The game loads fine but when I try to login i get an error about EA being down. Thoughts?
  5. Could it be argued that the audiovideo content is stored locally for EnB as well?  Server seems to just provide connectivity to the rest of the player universe 
  6. http://copyright.gov/1201/2015/fedreg-publicinspectionFR.pdf   Devil is in the details, darn!   ""Proposed Class 23: This proposed class would allow circumvention of TPMs on lawfully acquired video games consisting of communication with a developer-operated server for the purpose of either authentication or to enable multiplayer matchmaking, where developer support for those server communications has ended. This exception would not apply to video games whose audiovisual content is primarily stored on the developer’s server, such as massive multiplayer online role-playing games."
  7. Don't know if anyone is following this but it looks like there is a new modification to copyright law that would allow changes to the source code of a game in the event the manufacturer shuts down the game server, ie an MMORPG.  Would this allow EnB devs to make changes that previously were allowed because of copyright?   http://www.engadget.com/2015/10/27/abandonware-dmca-exemption/  
  8. Moo

    Credit Sink Idea

    Another idea would be to have either an NPC or terminal a player could goto and swap money for an upgrade in quality percent to some gear they have.  This would be especially useful for players that have raid gear that is not manufacturable 
  9. Moo

    Credit Sink Idea

    Or have tiers of items, where 100,000,000 get you one or two buffs, but if you pay 500,000,000 you get those buffs plus more
  10. Since credits seem to have no value in the game because everyone is so wealthy, we need a way to pull money out in a big way.  The PRS a start, but we need far more money pulled out of the economy.  What if we had raid type loot, that you could purchase, for say 100,000,000 credits.  This gear could be either dropped stuff or new items sold by an NPC.  Thoughts?
  11. Strange, nothing showed up in the mail section under that avatar
  12. I received a message this morning that I had a "NEW-ITEM" mail and I needed to check Net-7.org for details, what is this? 
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