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  1. I used missiles on a JD during live, with less than impressive results.  However, I am using them now on my TE with mixed results.  They lack the knockdown power that other missiles have, but I enjoy the various defense buffs from Jenquai launchers that make me almost bulletproof. ;)
  2. I have it working now. I uninstalled and re-installed client and NET7 completely. Only thing I did differently is install it to a different drive. I'm betting that while there may have been room on the other drive, it may have been too close a fit. Sounds weird, but it's the only thing that was different from the second installation.
  3. Almost 3 days later and nobody knows? I double checked the installation instructions and looked at the troubleshooting page and haven't resolved this yet.
  4. Title says it all. After the intro movie ends, it will either hang on the EnB splashscreen or do a CTD. Won't even get to login screen. Ideas?
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