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  1. Hi, is it me or is net-7.org still down? Thanks for all your work!
  2. With a workingday up to 14hrs I want to do some traderuns every now and than or some mining for a little...   But thanks for the usefull advice ;)
  3. Greetings,   in my office I am behind a windows server 2012 infrastructure. MAchine running on Win 7. I can not get past the INV 300 error.   Server is the gateway. I allready changed gateway, no success...   I manually installed certificate, no success...   Unckecked every box in Net 7 starter, checked every box in Net 7 starter, no success...   Uninstalled AV-Software (Kaspersky Internetsecurity 2015). Configured ENB folder and Net 7 folder in AV-Software, no success...   On my Laptop, wich is not part of the office network, ENB runs fine.   Problem could also be caused by Kaspersky, but since I uninstalled it completly, I blame the network config.   Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance.
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