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  1. I found this on these forums. It's not 100% correct. I've been working on it slowly. I mainly seperated the valuable ores from the junk and changed some of the sectors they are found. ORE REPORT 06-07-10 Ore Name |Lv|Ore Group |Sectors Found In ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copper Ore | 1|Asteroid | Lead Ore | 1|Asteroid | Zinc Ore | 1|Asteroid | Crude Nickel | 1|Asteroid | Iron Ore | 1|Asteroid | Magnetite Ore | 1|Asteroid | Mordanite | 1|Asteroid | Raw Agate | 1|Crystal | Raw Beryl | 1|Crystal | Raw Bloodstone | 1|Crystal | Raw Onyx | 1|Crystal | Sponge Chloride | 1|Crystal | Diridium Crystal | 1|Crystal | Potash | 1|Crystal | Raw Jaspar | 1|Crystal | Raw Topaz | 1|Crystal | Sulfates | 1|Crystal | Hydrogen Gas | 1|Gas | Nitrogen Gas | 1|Gas | Oxygen Gas | 1|Gas | Uranium Ore | 1|Glowing | Crude Graphite | 1|Hydrocarbon | Lithium Ore | 1|Hydrocarbon | Raw Black Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon | Raw Yellow Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon | Sand | 1|Hydrocarbon | Raw Blue Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon | Raw Crude Coal | 1|Hydrocarbon | Raw Green Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon | Raw Red Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon | Raw White Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon | Tar | 1|Hydrocarbon | Aluminum Ore | 2|Asteroid | Germanium Ore | 2|Asteroid | Molybdenum Ore | 2|Asteroid | Zircon | 2|Asteroid | Hermesite | 2|Asteroid |JT Magnesium Ore | 2|Asteroid |JT Tin Ore | 2|Asteroid |JT Brominite | 2|Crystal | Raw Garnet | 2|Crystal | Raw Moonstone | 2|Crystal | Raw Sunstone | 2|Crystal | Phosphates | 2|Crystal | Raw Amethyst | 2|Crystal | Raw Tourmaline | 2|Crystal | Raw Turquoise | 2|Crystal | Carbon Dioxide Gas | 2|Gas | Helium Gas | 2|Gas | Methane Gas | 2|Gas | Plutonium Ore | 2|Glowing | Cadmium Ore | 2|Hydrocarbon | Raw Coal | 2|Hydrocarbon | Crude Oil | 2|Hydrocarbon | Quartz Crystals | 2|Hydrocarbon | Caesium Ore | 3|Asteroid |OR,SL Gallium Ore | 3|Asteroid |OR,SL Indium Ore | 3|Asteroid |OR,SL Cobalite | 3|Asteroid |JT,MU Star Iron Ore | 3|Asteroid |JT,MU Tungsten Ore | 3|Asteroid |JT,MU Alanite | 3|Crystal |OR Barite | 3|Crystal |OR Boronite | 3|Crystal |OR Raw Anthracite | 3|Crystal |OR Raw Lapis Lazuli | 3|Crystal | Calcite | 3|Crystal |SL Raw Alexandrite | 3|Crystal |SL Raw Citrine | 3|Crystal |SL Raw Malachite | 3|Crystal |SL Fluorine Gas | 3|Gas |CR,SL,OB Polonium Ore | 3|Glowing |SL Light Crude Oil | 3|Hydrocarbon |JT Obsidian | 3|Hydrocarbon |JT,SL Raw Centauricite | 4|Asteroid |CR,OR,SL Anubium Ore | 4|Asteroid |GL,JT,VT,MU Vanadium Ore | 4|Asteroid |GL,JT,VT,MU Raw Black Opal | 4|Crystal |FR,OR Raw Fire Opal | 4|Crystal |FR,OR Raw Ruby | 4|Crystal |FR,OR Cerisite | 4|Crystal |GL,SL Raw Flawless Garnet | 4|Crystal |GL,SL Saganite | 4|Crystal |GL,SL Argon | 4|Gas |VG,CR,SL,OB Neon | 4|Gas |VG,CR,SL,OB Californium Ore | 4|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,OR,SL Solar Sweet Oil | 4|Hydrocarbon |GL,JT,SL Galactic Ore | 4|Asteroid |CR,OR,SL Silver Ore | 4|Asteroid |CR,OR,SL Manganese Ore | 4|Asteroid |CR,OR,SL Meteoric Sand | 4|Hydrocarbon |VG,CR,OR Herculinium Ore | 4|Asteroid |GL,JT,VT,MU Chromium Ore | 5|Asteroid |VG,CR,OR,SL,GR Zalmoxium Ore | 5|Asteroid |VG,CR,OR,SL,GR Gold Ore | 5|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,AP,MU,RG Rhodite | 5|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,AP,MU,RG Hawkinsite | 5|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,GR Raw Capellicite | 5|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,GR Raw Sapphire | 5|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,GR Raw Skystone | 5|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,GR Minervite | 5|Crystal |GL,SP,SL,AP,RG Raw Black Pearl | 5|Crystal |GL,SP,SL,AP,RG Raw Heartstone | 5|Crystal |GL,SP,SL,AP,RG Halon | 5|Gas |VG,CR,SL,OB,RG Radon | 5|Gas |VG,CR,SL,OB,RG Radium Ore | 5|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,OR,SP,SL,AP Bastinium Ore | 5|Hydrocarbon |VG,CR,OR Andromesite | 5|Hydrocarbon |GL,JT,VT,SP,SL,AP Brood Oil | 5|Hydrocarbon |GL,JT,VT,SP,SL,AP Hades Blood | 5|Hydrocarbon |GL,JT,VT,SP,SL,AP Titanium Ore | 5|Asteroid |VG,CR,OR,SL,GR Osirium Ore | 6|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR Oxium Ore | 6|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR Homerite | 6|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Raw Icy Pearl | 6|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,NC,GO,GR Raw Charon Crystal | 6|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Raw Emerald | 6|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Krypton | 6|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,AP,RG Xenon | 6|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,AP,RG Curium Ore | 6|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,OR,SP,GO,AP Charon's Dust | 6|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR Raw Anthenicte | 6|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR Stygian Blackwater | 6|Hydrocarbon |GL,JT,VT,BW,SP,CP,AP,RG Mirandium Ore | 6|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR Adamantine Ore | 6|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR Raw Flawless Ruby | 6|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Platinum Ore | 6|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Discordite | 6|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,NC,GO,GR Hafnium Ore | 6|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Inderite | 7|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR Niobite | 7|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR Conorite | 7|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Raw Barite | 7|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Raw Diamond | 7|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR Raw Firerock | 7|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR Cupidite | 7|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Raw Galactic Rimstone | 7|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Stojsavline | 7|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,AP,RG Vaneon | 7|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,AP,RG Wexeon | 7|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,AP,RG Chalcophanite | 7|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,SP,GO,AP Neutronium Ore | 7|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,SP,GO,AP Leonite | 7|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,CR,NC,GO,GR Brucite Ore | 7|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Celestial Ore | 7|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR Iridium Ore | 7|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Tantalum Ore | 7|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR Raw Eye Stone | 7|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Apollonite | 7|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Horusium Ore | 7|Glowing |VG,FN,CR,NC,GO,GR,Xipe Totec Demeter's Tears | 7|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Stygian Blacksand | 7|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG Raw Hadecite | 7|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,CR,NC,GO,GR Raw Alunite | 8|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Idunium Ore | 8|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG Raw Tincal | 8|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG Raw Meteoric Diamond | 8|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR Raw Voidgem | 8|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR Raw Charybdis Voidstone | 8|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG Raw Scyllan Diamond | 8|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG Boragon | 8|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG Yunieon Gas | 8|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG Minosium Ore | 8|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,GO Khnumium Ore | 8|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Raw Acheronite | 8|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Raw Mica | 8|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Helvatha | 8|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG Pyrrhotite Gneiss | 8|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG Duplium Ore | 8|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Morganium Ore | 8|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Abyssian Dust | 8|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG Ambrosia Crude | 8|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG Emperion | 8|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG Persephonite | 8|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG Vanirum Ore | 8|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG Troseki | 9|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Raw Promethium | 9|Asteroid |JT,VT,SP,CP Kronosite | 9|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR Raw Wormstone | 9|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR Nova Dust | 9|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG Star Ash | 9|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG Etherion | 9|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG Noxion | 9|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG Pagion | 9|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG Crude Rutha | 9|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Thothium Ore | 9|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Abaddon Ash | 9|Hydrocarbon |BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG Astralite | 9|Hydrocarbon |BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG Zoisite | 9|Hydrocarbon |BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG Grail Water | 9|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Raw Tiberium Crystals | 9|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG Raw Erebusite | 9|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR Modredium Ore | 9|Asteroid |JT,VT,SP,CP Aesirium Ore | 9|Asteroid |JT,VT,SP,CP Asmodeusium Ore | 9|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Balderium Ore | 9|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR Raw Star Ore | 9|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR -------------------------------------------------------------------- Aragoth System Beta Hydri System Smugglers Run System -------------------------------------------------------------------- VG = Varen's Girdle GL = Glenn BW = Blackbeards Wake FN = Fenris CR = Carpenter PA = Paramis FR = Freya SP = Shepard JT = Jotunheim SL = Slayton VT = Valkyrie Twins GP = Grissom Planet OR = Odin Rex GO = Glory's Orbit NC = Nifleheim Cloud CP = Cooper AP = Aragoth Prime GR = Grissom MU = Muspelheim OB = Odins Belt RG = Ragnarok
  2. I'd like to make a suggestion about ores themselves. Can we have all the ores have a use? Cause as it is, my list of ores that are needed is about 1/3 of the whole list. So, 2/3 of ores are vendor fodder seems rather wasteful. I had this idea of something similar to refining but called fusion. Where it requires 3 refined ores to make an upper tier ore. Refined or unrefined. Idk. Maybe it can crit and come out as refined upper tier. I think it would help with how rare some level 9 ores are and how plentiful level 8s are. Just something I've been thinking about since I do mine often and dislike all ore that I have to vendor.
  3. Xanis


    In my opinion I can pull in more exp/hr doing Explorer jobs on my JE than I can mining whole zones. 7200 Warp + finding efficient jobs and I was EL50 in no time. I've continued to do jobs to max trade and still doing it for my combat level. It just seems to me that I can just rake in so much more exp and save money by jobbing it up.
  4. [quote name='Curis' timestamp='1328793689' post='53353']I understand that a tractor beam can be canceled by cycling your warp engine, but this is obviously not very kind to your reactor's power--especially at lower levels. In any case, is this something that is potentially able to be reactivated/added to the client? [/quote] Engaging warp while tractoring in items can cause the item to not be tractorable again. I've accidently done this and was unable to pick up the item again. So, it's possible that adding the cancel tractor feature, that was in live, would fix this issue too.
  5. I'm having an issue with both my Terran Trader's level 30 hull upgrade mission. After I purchased the Experimental laser and talked to Jerriv, it immediately told me to take Roland to Jerriv. I followed this old TT guide and went to Inverness Planet. I killed him and there wasn't an update. I looted his body and didn't find an escape pod. So, I did this twice and still no update. I've talked to Jerriv several times after killing Roland without any success. So, mysteriously both of them skipped the important step of capturing Roland in Inverness Planet. So, I need some assistance please. Thank you. Edit: I had my level 30 Terran Enforcer start and get to the steps both my Traders are on. It did not skip the step this time. I was able to kill and get the escape pod in my inventory when I killed Roland on Inverness Planet. I was in the same group as 1 of the Traders when I killed Roland and still did not receive the escape pod in my ship's hold.
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