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  1. When ever my je goes to a station terminal to get a job for faction points. when I press the button to accept , I get : Job Unavailable! Everytime ! At any station in the game. What a Bum Rap !
  2. I log in and get to my character and 2 minutes later the game freezes and crashes! And does not matter which character that I play. The same happens, and it says the game closes gracefully !? What the ? I think we have a bug loose in the works.
  3. When I go to log in, net7 launcher says the server is up, but When press play the Auto patcher does not load up, and replies that the general server has failed.
  4. When I go to load the game Net7 Proxy tells me I have I have the wrong version and needs to be downloaded, but it won't! What can I do?
  5. I activate the Net 7 launcher and get this reply:" Error A required dll. file MSCORRE was not found. how can I fix this?
  6. I go to install Earth and beyond cd or the demo and I get - 1607 Runtime error! I have another pc and the game installs with out a problem, but the updates won't take because the harddrive is small. And net 7 won't work because it's missing a dll!
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