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  1. I was playing D&D(3.5) the other day with some of my buddy's and our DM who loves his NPC's ruined our party and did what ever it would take to save his NPC's from certain destruction. So i finally say that's it, that's enough, your NPC's are dead!!! But i need to think big so i asked how many hit points does earth have? none of us had the answer and after much googling we gave up. so i was hoping some of you guys might know.

  2. Well I was watching the science channel awhile back, the way they plan to stop solar radation is a electromagnetic field generator, seems simple enough, my laptop puts out enough radiation to kill my "Genetic legacy" if you catch my drift ;), so making a field for a small space craft shouldnt be that hard.

  3. So I was daydreaming at work the other day and I thought of something interesting/cool (IMO). For those of you familiar with the Star Trek: Enterprise series you might think this is interesting as well. How much do you think would cost to build the NX-01 with our current monetary system? Now obviously we can’t have our Warp 5 Engine or the transporters amongst other things, but wouldn’t it be co;)? :D

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