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  1. Removed all mentions of "LaunchNet7" and "net7proxy" from Firewall. It never asked me when I tried to start it again, but it ended with the same result. I then manually added them back in and to allow through the firewall but again, still no change. The error persists.
  2. Set admin rights to e&b.exe, but haven't checked the router yet. Not exactly sure how I'd go about checking the ports for that at the moment. It's installed in the Program Files (x86) folder. I deleted the mentioned files, reset the version and updated, finally, to v2.2.0. However, I still get the same error as before; "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt". In case it matters, this is the launcher I have now:
  3. I've run "Check for Updates" multiple times in the Launcher menu. I've even gone as far as resetting the updates and letting it update again, but it will only go as far as v1.9.9. Is there a place you could refer me to in order to download the correct launcher version? I've also tried replacing the .exe with the file located here, but I run into the exact same problem of failing to respond to the login attempt.
  4. I've tried using both IPs in the dropdownlist of the "Local IP" section. The top one, which it was default to, gives me the "Server Failed to respond to Login Attempt". The bottom one gives me two errors. "Incompatible version of Net7 Proxy. Latest version is 2.45" and then also gives me the previous error.
  5. I'm getting an error every time I hit "Play" after launching "LaunchNet7". It states "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt". Thus far, I've done the following: Allowed "client.exe" from Earth & Beyond folder through Firewall. Allowed "LaunchNet7.exe" and "net7proxy.exe" in the Net-7 folder through Firewall. Both disabled and set AVG to ignore the Net-7 folder. Ran LaunchNet7 as Administrator. Is there anything else I can do to make this work? I am quite excited to play EnB again after all these years. In case it matters, my system is running Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit.
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