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  1. Lets see.......the peeps from buildersinc and Vancorp will object but I ask you to consider removing guilds from this stress test as its only a stress test and those two guilds have corrupted the game to the point where if you are not in them its a pain at best and no fun for certain. Points to be made- the leader of builders needs some counseling or meds as evidenced by his in game posts - look at them? the guy is nutso????? Vancrap has figured out how to use macros to camp key spots 24/7 just to deny any others the opportunity to enjoy higher lvl spots in the game. Devs need to look into this as its a fact. Devs look at your game and what's going on??? Its nuts! You've either got a power hungry nut job ruling who gets what built or some other whack job guild exploiting what you can loot here for their own limited use which is crazy. Open this game back up to the "common man" or you ARE going to loose more and more members. Its not fun for most of us and MOST of us have no interest in joining a guild ruled by a nutjob in order to have fun or some whackjob guild that invests their time in working good spots not for their own fun but only to DENY others from having fun. Deny is the key word her buds. Think about this...... we actually have, in a great endeavor of an emu by cool peeps working to make a great game live again, that have losers camping with robos and macros that are ruining the game for most......... what's up with that? As a someone that has and wants to continue to donate to the cause this is just wrong! Hello? Denial is not just a river in Egypt!
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