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  1. i have look at my toon and its not fix i try and analyze some ammo and no recipes show up i look at all my toons no recipes i think is my isp
  2. i have not played in a bout a year my ammo scematics will not show up in game i have look on the web-site and i see them there
  3. its ok i just fix it but ty for your time
  4. Hello, Im trying to come back and play E&B which i haven't play since 2016. I cannot remember my in game password. I fixed my account password but, i don't remember the In game password. The charactors names Iwilliam and Musttang. Thank-You for any assistants you could give to me concerning this matter!!!! the ticket #25667. to pass on info I started the ticket last night I hopping to here some thing Vsoon tyvm 4 your time
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