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Need a hand or a foot (Maybe)?

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Hello all,

Just wanted to shout out to all the developers and GMs for the work they've been doing on this project, when I first saw this project was online I felt a tear come to my eye.

And since I've started flying around my old stomping grounds, I got the feeling that it seems kind of wrong for me to play so much and not at least attempt to give these guys a hand or foot if I can.

I would donate if I could, but it sucks being a broke college kid so I thought why not offer my skills instead?

plus, its kinda hard to apply for a networking internship when you have no networking or programming experience.....

You guys are probably full up and way more experience than I am, but hey its worth a shot right?

* I also have access to Cisco routers, switches, and servers if you guys need hardware

(Resume included if any you want to take a look)

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