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Launching Client Error

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Hi all, trying to figure this out but definitely not a computer guru. I have updated the launcher and believe it is pointed to the correct location (or maybe not!) Upon clicking "Play" i get an error "Wrong AuthLogin.dll version".

See attached snippets. I included the error popup and the launcher screen.

Any suggestions?

Login Error 3-18-2020.png

login error launcher screen 3-18-2020.png

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Made it a little farther by using a zip file posted in another post:  

Now, 10 launches have resulted in the following in no specific order:
8 times = Error: Your client is out of date. Please run the patch utility
1 time = EA.com is temporarily unavailable. This may be due to...Please try again later

1 time = I got to account login screen and it told me it couldn't authorize. I tried it over and to no avail.


So, I went to my Net7 game account and changed the password. However, I haven't been able to try it yet because of the above errors. Since I was able to change my pw, it seems unlikely I repeatedly entered the wrong info when trying to login to game account.


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