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have you installed the game already?.  If so start game and create a character and complete all of the missions in your characters starter sector, after this and you have received your level 10 Hull Upgrade, start by exploring the universe at large, (note there are sectors that you should avoid until you have reached much higher levels and equipment levels so that you can survive the hazards of the various sectors),  Remember to register at each station you pass especially important when you are a lower level character (not known for being speed demons) this will save you some travel time if you get incapacitated and take the tow back to the last station you registered at,  (target the station when you are near it, you will see to icons above the targeting window, one with the in-pointing arrows is the docking  icon, the other usually the left icon is the register button,  (docking will register you too,) you don't have to dock in order to register, You can group and formation fly with another player (group leader handles throttle and guidance for you), this other player can take you on a tour of the galaxy which will give you alot of explore experience, you can run trade goods between stations it can give you lots of money and trade experience,  of course hunting the various mobs will give you lots of loot that you can sell  for trade experience and money. if you chose an explorer class you can go mine the asteroid and gas field appropriate to you explore and equipment levels. you can also refine the gas and ores you mine and trade or sell to other players as well as the vendors, Each class has specific build skills, depending on your class you can build items used by yourself or other players..  there are lots of NPC's in the universe that will give you missions (some of which may be repeatable) some of the missions will open up other sectors and use of specialty equipment, there are many raids in different sectors happening everyday, along with group hunt activities.  Certain web pages that you will find very helpful are the Net-7 Forums, the Net-7 portal page (www.net-7.org)  the net-7 Database (must be signed in to the portal page to use,  and one very useful one" www.enbmaps.de, these site is very useful and i have it along with the forums and portal pages and teh database open anytime I am in game.  in the forums there is a thread that will give you step by step instructions about installing the game and getting started, including gaining access to the final three classes that did not get released when this game was originally live,

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