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Found 1 result

  1. Any chance a dev or GM could create a list or chart that shows ALL the factions, and the things that hurt or improve your standing with them?   Not being able to see my status with all the factions doesn't bother me, but since I can't see my standing with an unlisted faction, I can't tell what actions are hurting or improving my standing (OK, killing a mob of a certain faction will hurt my standing with them...I get that much).  I'm just trying to avoid cases where killing mob A hurts my standing with mob B, and I realize it much too late because I can't see all my faction standings.  And since I have no clue what might help my standing with mob B, it really is a bad hole to climb out of.   The current faction chart lists the factions you see in your character info, but not all the ones in the game.   It doesn't have to be anything complicated.  A simple list like the example below would work:   FACTION X       Hurt by:  Killing Faction X, Killing Faction Z       Helped by: Jobs, Killing Faction Y       If anybody knows of ways to affect an unlisted faction, please feel free to post it here so others may know.
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