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Found 1 result

  1. I'd like to open a letter to the dev's and gm's.   I run Builder's Inc.   We as a guild have always been happy to assist the GM and Dev's in content work and assisting in testing things for you.   We have a problem and the problem is the rd faction and Sharim faction, and the ability to dock at Jove's and various other issues.   As one of the 2 largest guilds in the game were finding it increasingly difficult to play the content of the game.   We can't raid without feathers and the people trying to get the feathers are losing to much faction for the rewards.   We have people that are getting to the point where they cannot dock at Jove's and it's very difficult to get your Sharim trader faction.   You have the rd base raid in the game but anyone that helps kill it gets a 10,000 point faction hit what does it do to sharim faction?   I realize you guys are trying to force us to make a choice.   But do you not think that this is a problem?   Here is the problem people are using up 10,000 + rd faction and not getting a feather.   In EA live the feathers could drop off of any RD in any sector.   You are forcing people that want to play to sit idle because they can't afford the faction and no easy way to get them back.   I'm am guessing you guys are wanting us to play but the way it's setup all the hunters and builders can do is blow all of there faction to gain access to the fish raids.   Is this how it's intended to be play?   People are getting ready to do something else because they can't raid and your healer killing settings is making the healers want to quit playing?   Is this working as intended?   Do you guys want to drive your player base off and have the regular players quit?   Is this working as intended?   I'd like to work with the Dev's and the Gm's to correct the problem before people that are playing quit from boredom.   I know that is not what is intended..   I would like to solve this before it becomes a problem worse this.   Is the mining and field nerfing for rd faction and hulks working as intended?   Is it really working as intended?   You guys are driving off the players because you have stuck them in a box.   You can't turn around without running into working as intended problems.   Can we get together maybe in a sunday meeting and speak with you about the problems before it's to late to bring back the ones that quit?   We made such a good start but now it's getting like it was in the middle of st4 when people quit from not having much to do.
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