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Found 1 result

  1. Today after much complaining in the general channel about recent changes in the game.   (jobs waking nightmare and the usual BS)   Darkk announced he is quitting the project.   I for one don't blame him and I wish him the best of luck.   I hope he really doesn't quit, but I certainly can't disagree with him over the way the player base treats the dev's and other players.   I for one have gotten tired of the problems other players cause me and other players.   It's like you guys are in kindergarten and playing MINE!!!!   Since when has a mature game audience like e&b has not put up with nerf's and nerfbatter?   It's like you are a buncha kids and all you want is easy button and to complain and whine.   This is a free game and we the dev's and the lowly assistants like me do this for free.   And all you can do is complain.   I'm not claiming to be innocent or anything like that I'm a little to volatile of a person to be innocent.   I'd like to see the old days come back where people get along and the petty bickering takes place in private and people accusing old timers like me about not having a pair of nuts and not doing anything to help..   To you I hope you enjoy the work i did do and hope to do in the future..   I hope you enjoy some of the more recent changes i helped make possible.   I'd like you to take a long hard look at my name and my avatar and the GrA under my name.   I stood up and set my nuts on the chopping block for the last 6 months.   Luckily stuff I do doesn't affect the game other then visually.   I want to thank the current past and future dev's for the work they do.   You guys have a lot harder job then these guys will ever recognise..   If you guys can do a better job PM Kyp here in the forums and step up..   Do the work..   I'll sign off now but this place is going to the bloody damned dogs.   I hope the complainers like what they wrought..   CyA darkk good luck on your future endevours.
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