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Found 1 result

  1. Don't fix it, fool it.   If the EnB client can be pointed to a LOCALHOST UDP port then can't you create a NET-7 local service program to provide the client every packet it expects to see in the proper order at the proper time???   The new service program could communicate with the emu server with all the network protocols needed, TCP, UPD, even encrypt the logon password. The emu server could pass back extra information for proper packet reordering. The local service could ask for a re-transmittal of packets without ever sending partial information to the game.   The EnB client would go on partying like it was 2002. It might never lock up again, especially during the pesky gating process.   The local service could examine command line prompts, interact with the emu server and act according where possible.   Some of you may not like this   /sell all trade goods /nav earth RD (why not? Eve does it) /nav edinburgh CLASS /macro "ScriptSomething.MAC" (sort of like Anarchy Online) /cargo get "ogun plasma missile" 12 /cargo store "ogun plasma missile" all /cargo stack option option   this is real bad   /buy "Nebula Black ML Conduit" 3 Message appears - Nebula Black ML Conduit Not For Sale At This Station. Doh! /cargo get "High Impact Plastic" 3 /cargo get "Obsidian Dust" 3 /cargo get "Star Iron" 3 /make "Nebula Black ML Conduit" 3 Message appears - You on't know how to make a "Nebula Black ML Conduit" Doh!   Or   /cargo get compounds "Nebula Black ML Conduit" 3 Message - 3 High Impact Plastic 3 Obsidian Dust 3 Star Iron moved to inventory   /buy components "Buckle 1" 3 Message - Buckle not found /buy components "Buckler 1" 3 Message - 327 more credits needed for purchase /buy components "Buckler 2"  Message - DV-PR-X1 "Buckler" Mk. 1 not for sale at this station.   /mtell MinerDudePS "I need 3 " compounds "Nebula Black ML Conduit" or /copy compounds  "Nebula Black ML Conduit" then /tell MinerDudePS I need 3 and hit control V   Leverage the power of the database   /Search CL6 Manes Message - Endriago - Anti-Spinward Belt Point 1 /nav "arx  spartoi" and go play with the kids for awhile   Just posting ideas.  
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