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Found 1 result

  1. Someone today in market asked the question whats the best shield/reactor and guns at lvl 6 for a TT.   So the discussion progressed and I had said type b's for lvl 6 becuase 0guns eat ammo at a stupid rate.   So when he asked why not 0guns we had several people pipe up saying bad ammo useage create a tt alt to haul ammo etc.   So me being me I asked, how fast can a 90% turbo pw use up 30 stacks of 0gun ammo in lvl 6 0guns.   So the challenge is for you to pick a time in how fast I can use up 30 stacks of 0gun ammo on my pw.   I'll be using 200% lvl 6 0guns a turbo aa for ml's 40% PB 20% Cve 12% Aegis 5% Focus of the Celestial 7% Black Force 9 5% installed turbo   40 + 20 + 12 + 7 +5 +5 = 89% turbo   I would like you guys and gals to pick a time and post it here in this thread on how long it'll take.   Please list your ingame names in your guess so I know who I am talking to saturday.   If you do not list your name you will bring to the designated location you will be disqualified.   I do not want people saying that is me. I know most of you guys but..   I would imagine some of you are going to get down to the second.   I will round up to the closest time to fast and nogo so saying 30 seconds and it takes 31 means you won but 29 seconds means you lost.   The reward for the closest guess will be a looted Devistating Gaze beam.   The time will be saturday at 3pm est 12 noon pst. the place.. no peaking i'll announce it saturday about 30 minutes before the event so the mob is secured prior to this little shindig.   I'll be using a program called wsplit to time how long it takes to use up the ammo.   Goodluck and lets have a little fun > :)
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